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A world without colors would be an emotionless and lifeless space. Would a monochromatic
rainbow look as beautiful as the colored one? Can you imagine the sky without the blue
canopy? No, right? There is no doubt that colors are precious. They help us express our
mood, nature, and personality.
Just like you maintain a versatile wardrobe in terms of clothes for different occasions, it is a
good idea to choose clothing that makes you feel powerful, energetic, and alive. This guide
will assist you in finding out which color is your mind, and soul craving, and how it can be
used to express your goals.
You might have come across this saying, “When I need an edge, I go for red.” This bold color
is associated with passion, big ideas, and confidence. And rightly so. You probably will not
wear red when you are attending a class that you have no intention to participate in. Red
clothes are not the best option when you do not want to be highlighted in a certain
Red is more of an “I am a daring person” color. It boosts your confidence and challenges you
to be more energetic and firmer. Wear red to a meeting that you are excited to attend.
Make an epic entrance in the conference hall and walk around confidently. Red is also
associated with romance and love because it is attractive. You probably recall a time when
you went shopping for clothes, and this red shirt just caught your eye from a distance. That
is how this color works!
Wearing purple is another way of gaining attention. You are noticed when you are wearing
purple clothes. So, do not wear them where you want to blend in. This vibrant color gives
you a feeling of energy and power. You sense positivity and motivation from purple color. It
also represents ambition, royalty, and independence. Yup, that’s right. Give your confidence
a raise by wearing this dignifying color.
Have you ever experienced a mood uplift by wearing yellow? For instance, you were feeling
down, you wore a yellow shirt, and you felt all hunky-dory. That is because yellow is a happy
color. It invokes strong feelings, grabs attention, and brighten up the environment. It is
another energetic color that makes you go “Woohoo, bring it on”.
It also is a warm color that gives a cozy vibe if not too bright. A very harsh yellow can fatigue
the eye and cause strain on the vision. It is also said to create angry feelings. Sometimes you
can feel frustrated when wearing yellow.
A dark color makes a fashion statement of its own. Be it a black T-shirt or a black fancy
dress, it has an unrivaled vibe. Did you ever wonder why spies wear all-black outfits? That is
because black is the choice for keeping a low-profile. You can wear black clothes from your
wardrobe when you do not want to stand out in the crowd.
Black has also been connected with sadness. People wear it to gloomy occasions like
funerals. It is just a gesture to show that you are in despair as well.
Are you missing the peace and calm in life? Try wearing blue. Any shade of blue should do
the trick. The lighter shades like ocean blue or sky blue give a calmer aura. They are more
uplifting and can encourage you to keep going. However, the darker hues like indigo or royal
blue provide you a comfortable feeling. Wearing those can be compared to being in your
absolute comfort zone, blocking the overwhelming thoughts, and easing your mind.
Pink is often linked to little girls and said to give feminine energy. To be honest, there is so
much more in this color. It is so precious. It conveys compassion and kindness. It should be
looked at as a gender-neutral color, as whenever anyone is wearing pink, they seem
approachable and friendly. Whenever you wear pink, your heart will feel more open towards
others and your capability to love them will be highlighted. The shade of pink doesn’t matter.
One thing is for sure; You will always feel accessible in pink.
For some reason, white feels like a re-birth. Whenever you wear white, you will feel like a
new opportunity has been given to you. This color represents innocence and purity.
Cleanliness, simplicity, and freshness are a few of the other positive meanings of white color.
Feeling down, wear white. Experience a fresh start. Let your mood lighten up and shift your
mind from the past to the present and future.
However, white may symbolize isolation or coldness if you imagine an empty room with white
walls. This color shows that there are always two sides to the story. While the positives of
white make it seem like the best pick, the drawbacks can make it appear otherwise.
Wrapping up
The color choice depends on how you perceive color. You might disagree with some of the
symbolization above, but that is okay. Wear the color that makes you feel empowered,
secure, and happy. You can look at a shirt and decide if you want to wear that color or not.
Try to keep track of how a certain color makes you feel. That can help you in the long-term.
You will know to wear which color will help you with your performance or mental attitude. At
the end of the day, you want progress. Wearing the right color can make your journey easier
and more understandable to yourself.
Explore All Gen Fashion’s collection to buy clothing of different colors and feel free to
experiment with them.

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